EDA = Exploratory Data Analysis

Tools (Shell or Workbench) and Language (SQL) with MySQL RDBMS

This is the initial Descriptive Analysis part of the Data Analysis (aka DA) that involves cleaning and transforming data for the next step of DA…

[ Why | What | When | How & 3 ways to connect]

MongoDB (NoSQL database) + Python (Back-end OOP language)

If you are new to backend development or beginner - articulated it in detail with sample data set & code snippets, by illustrating one of the well-required & real-time scenarios is CRUD operations which is implemented in most of the web or desktop (GUI) applications using the MongoDB with Python.

With its standard/built-in module

Photo by Alex Chumak on Unsplash

If you have ever wondered how to test the Python functions, this is the summarised description with couple of ways to test functions and code examples. One way is to write print statements and view its outputs in the terminal/cmd & another way by using the…

3 Ways to interact with MySQL Database

What: MySQL is a RDBMS software that lets us store or retrieve data that are stored in tabular format that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) to interact with database and its tables.

Why: We…

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